Friday, February 16, 2007

Tips on using blogger

Normally, you would get an invitation email, requesting you to join this blog page. The email would look like this:

One has to click on the link and keep following the directions, which should be routine. However, there is one place I have seen where there might be a bit of confusion. Suppose you are visiting the page and you are not logged into google in any other browser tab or window. Then the screen will have a link "sign in" on the top right. You click on it and keep following the directions, you will soon reach the following screen:

Merely typing your google username here does not work. You have to type your username with "" appended at the end.

To avoid all this unnecessary hassle or lengthy procedure at various points, best thing is to create a gmail account (which you can do now by going to the page, log in to gmail and then open another browser tab and visit this page.

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