Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Editorial Board of 'K-Theory' has resigned.

This just in. The editorial board of `K-theory' has resigned and a new journal titled `Journal
of K-theory' has been established. In recent years `K-theory' was published by Springer. `Journal of K-theory' will be published by the Cambridge University Press. The board of editors of the new `Journal of K-theory' has issued an open letter to the mathematics community that we quote in part:

from the Board of Editors
of the Journal of K-theory

Dear fellow mathematicians,

The Editorial Board of 'K-Theory' has resigned. A new journal titled
'Journal of K-theory' has been formed, with essentially the same Board
of Editors............The new journal is to be distributed by Cambridge University Press.
The price is 380 British pounds, which is significantly less than
half that of the old journal. Publication will begin in January 2008.
We ask for your continued support, in particular at the current time.
Your submissions are welcome and may be sent to any of the editors.

Board of Editors
Journal of K-theory''


Anonymous said...

This is great news and should help bring journal subscription costs down! After Topology and K-theory I look forward to more action on other fronts!

Blake Stacey said...

Is there an official web page or press release which provides this statement? So far, I've only seen it quoted on blogs. Not that I distrust our honored host — I'd just like to get "right to the source."

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't know of any `official web page or press release' on this. On Monday morning I received an e-mail from Anthony Bak, managing editor of `K-theory' and now `Journal of K-theory', containing the open letter issued by the editorial board. We have every reason to think that the letter is authentic and ``right from the source".

Unknown said...


In January 2007 the editors of "K-theory" resigned, following a request by the then managing editor Professor Anthony Bak. As announced in August 2007, some of them are intending to start a new "Journal of K-theory" to be published elsewhere. Unfortunately no manuscripts submitted to "K-theory" have been forwarded to Springer by the managing editor, since April 2006. We have been asked by Springer to act as interim managing editors, in the first instance to deal with these papers. We ask authors who have submitted papers to "K-theory" which have not yet been published to please contact one of us as soon as possible.

Wolfgang Lueck (Muenster) lueck@math.uni-muenster.de

Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh) a.ranicki@ed.ac.uk

13th August, 2007