Sunday, September 9, 2007

You Tube QFT

For the readers who may be interested in the work Alain and I did on renormalization and the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence, as well as in a general introduction to the Connes-Kreimer theory, I noticed recently that the series of lectures of the minicourse we gave two years ago at Vanderbilt University have now been put on You Tube (or Google Video).

You can find them here:

Lecture 1 (1 h 52 min) by Matilde

Lecture 2 (1 h 7 min) by Alain

Lecture 3 (1 h 10 min) by Alain

Lecture 4 (1 h) by Matilde

Lecture 5 (1 h 30 min) by Matilde

Lecture 6 (1 h 25 min) by Alain

Lecture 7 (1 h 24 min) by Alain

Lecture 8 (1 h 7 min) by Matilde


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Matilde.
It is very nice to have these videos. I usually spend some time on weekends looking for videoes of Alain and other NCG people on the web. I wish there was a section in the blog for this purpose.

Unknown said...

And to think these were being sold for $10 at the NCGOA meeting at Vanderbilt...

Unknown said...

These lectures were uploaded by a group of grad students :)