Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noncommutative Arithmetic Geometry Media Library

I am pleased to announce the recent creation of a new website dedicated to maintain articles, videos, and news about meetings and activities related to Noncommutative Arithmetic Geometry. This new website is maintained by Alain Connes and Katia Consani. The website is still `under construction' and the plan is to gradually add more videos (also from past conferences and meetings), as well as papers and slides.


Matilde said...

Noncommutative Geometry is a field whose history is unpredictable.

When should I expect the pickaxe?

Leon Trotsky

lievenlb said...


no pickaxe in the world can change the historic fact that your book 'Lectures on Arithmetic Noncommutative Geometry' started the subject of noncommutative arithmetic geometry

atb :: lieven.

Matilde said...

Пар горячий развяжет язык

lievenlb said...

Сколько веры и лесу повалено,
Сколь изведано горя и трасс,
А на левой груди профиль Сталина,
А на правой - Маринка анфас.
Эх, за веру мою беззаветную
Сколько лет "отдыхал" я в "раю"!
Променял я на жизнь беспросветную
Несусветную глупость мою.